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Caliper Introduces Swiftsticks: Single-Serve Dissolvable CBD Powders

Caliper Foods, an industry leader in water-soluble cannabinoid-infused consumer packaged goods and ingredients, introduced its newest product, Caliper Swiftsticks — a faster and tastier way to consume CBD.

Caliper Foods, an industry leader in water-soluble cannabinoid-infused consumer packaged goods and ingredients, introduced its newest product, Caliper Swiftsticks — a faster and tastier way to consume CBD. Caliper Swiftsticks are the first-to-market product of their kind and are sold in single-serve packets of deliciously flavored CBD powder that dissolves directly on the tongue. Swiftsticks are officially available on September 1st, and in celebration of National CBD Day on August 8th, Caliper will be offering an early bird special for 10% off pre-orders.

Introducing Caliper Swiftsticks: The Newest Way to Consume CBD

Caliper is best known for its original fast-acting product, Caliper CBD, a flavorless water-soluble CBD powder that cleanly dissolves into any food or beverage. Sourced from U.S.-grown hemp, Caliper CBD is a reliable product that provides consistent and predictable results. Caliper Swiftsticks were designed for even easier on-the-go consumption, an innovation bred from consumer feedback and usage.

Free from THC and grassy aromas, Caliper Swiftsticks are available in three flavors: Mixed Berry, Cool Mint and Lemon Lime. Ideal for every lifestyle, each packet contains precisely 20mg of CBD that dissolves directly on your tongue. Swiftsticks are made with non-GMO ingredients, contain no artificial flavors and are free of calories, gluten, and fat. Additionally, the product does not contain any THC, and is non-psychoactive, so users can be assured that the Swiftsticks will provide consistent results without fear of an unintentional high. 

Just like its sister product, Caliper CBD, Swiftsticks are backed by extensive science and research – adhering to rigorous testing for safety and potency. A clinical study conducted by Colorado State University found Caliper products are more bioavailable, with 6.5x more absorption in the first 15-minutes vs. traditional oil-soluble CBD products.

“We created Caliper Swiftsticks to provide our customers another easy and safe way to enjoy the benefits of CBD,” said Nicole Maione, General Manager of Caliper Consumer Goods. “Our products are always backed by science and go through rigorous testing for safety and potency. We pride ourselves on providing consistency and convenience unlike any other CBD product on the market. Whether you’re new to CBD or an enthusiast, Caliper is committed to making everyday life a little less achy, a little more restful, and a little less stressful.”

Caliper Swiftsticks will be sold online at with prices ranging from $49.99 for a 30-pack to $84.00 for a 60-pack. Caliper Swiftsticks are also available for retail shelves and will be available for sale in a 2-pack for $6.99, 10-pack for $29.99, and 30-pack for $49.99 respectively. 

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