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Double Down CBD Launches Pet Line For Dogs

Double Down CBD, maker of ultra-pure, hemp-based wellness products, announced today the immediate availability of its CBD products specifically created for dogs. The product is effective for dogs of any size and breed.

Double Down CBD, maker of ultra-pure, hemp-based wellness products, announced today the immediate availability of its CBD products specifically created for dogs. The product is effective for dogs of any size and breed. Double Down Dog CBD was developed in partnership with co-founder and General Manager of the company’s Pet Division Crystal Van Lom D.V.M. who brings two decades of practicing veterinary medicine and is a vocal advocate of alternative therapies for our four-legged companions. Double Down Dog CBD is available now for purchase at in a 30 ML Tincture bottle for $75.00.

Similar to Double Down CBD’s human products, the company remains steadfast in creating a pet product that is organic, hand-crafted with the highest quality Hemp plant flower and sourced from select farmers in the Pacific Northwest. Double Down Dog CBD is backed by rigorous testing via an independent licensed laboratory. Customers and resellers have full access to individual detailed test results by batch on the company website. Double Down CBD has filed patents on both its organic and unique process and technology of which will also be used in producing Double Down Dog CBD. The Company has over two years of successful data from its four-legged beta users.

“As a practicing veterinarian with my own clinic, I have literally treated thousands of animals, particularly dogs. I have seen firsthand the fantastic results from the Double Down products. I often use our products on my patients and my own dogs. I have also used Double Down products on many rescue animals with a host of issues,” said Crystal Van Lom, co-founder and General Manager. “From reducing anxiety and joint inflammation to instilling a sense of calmness, or a feeling of wellnessThe feedback and results from the dogs and their owners have been overwhelmingly positive,” continued Van Lom.

Why Use CBD for Your Dog
Dogs have an endocannabinoid system that is involved in managing a wide variety of biological processes that manifest much in the same way in pets as they do in humans, this includes memory, sleep, and immune response. Studies have also shown that one in four dogs will be diagnosed with arthritis in their lifetime, and by some estimates, as many as 60% of dogs exhibit some degree of the disease. Hemp based CBD for dogs has proven to lessen the symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, convulsions, and has anti-cancer effects. A study published in 2019 also found that epileptic dogs given CBD in addition to seizure medication had significantly fewer seizures than those that received seizure medications.

Double Down Dog CBD Is Always 100% Organic
Our dogs are more than just pets, they are family members and we want to ensure that any products we use are free of toxins or pesticides. Like human Hemp-based CBD products not all pet-grade are as pure as they claim. Double Down Dog CBD is 100% organically extracted in small batches. Chemicals or alcohol are never added, and products are always pesticide free. Other key features of the product include:

  • CBD/CBG from organic hemp flower only, no isolates, pure extract
  • Water soluble for rapid absorption and relief
  • Cultivated and produced in the U.S.
  • Independently lab-tested, see QR code

“My clients often ask me the best way to administer CBD to their dogs and are also concerned about dosage,” said Van Lom. “I recommend simply inserting the dropper in the corner of the mouth (cheek pouch) and squeezing the dropper.  It is a super effective way to get the product close to the blood vessels for rapid absorption. Of course, I let them lick the last few drops from the dropper as they love the slightly sweet, natural plant flavor,” Van Lom added with a smile.

Free Multi-Use Samples are Available
Double Down Dog CBD is offering a free 5ML sample of the product to interested users. That is enough product to allow your pet to use the product five times.  “We believe that providing our potential canine customers with enough free product to use multiple times will ensure that the dog and its owner have ample opportunity to experience the significant impact of our products,” said Double Down CBD Co-Founder and President, Russell Rheingrover. “Humans simply need to request the sample on our website, and we will send out the free sample while supplies last,” added Rheingrover.

About Double Down CBD
Double Down CBD was created by a team of passionate life enthusiasts combining their unique strengths to create a CBD wellness company dedicated to enhancing lives. The company’s patent-pending, proprietary extraction process was developed over several years with thorough testing and refinement to ensure that users have the best CBD and CBG wellness experience possible. The extraction process truly differentiates Double Down CBD products and are environmentally friendly, always crafted in small batches and meticulously managed – from farm to tincture. All products are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, free of additives, pesticides and 100 % natural. For more information and to purchase products please visit us at

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