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CBD is Psychoactive, S.C. says no to Pet Food, Nat’l CBD Month – CBM Daily Digest 1/6/20

Yes, CBD is Psychoactive

I don’t care how many times we had this debate last year, it’s 2020 so we can have it again. CBD is, in fact, Psychoactive. And you should stop telling your customers that it isn’t.

Despite a whole lot of popular belief, Researchers at Johns Hopkins say not so fast. While it might not be “intoxicating” CBD does affect mood and behavior and those are psychoactive drug effects. By that same definition, caffeine and nicotine are also both psychoactive. While this might seem like a small distinction, it’s an important one.

The last thing any retailer wants is to give their customers false information. Even worse is when those claims stray into the realm of health benefits, and into the FDA’s crosshairs. Be safe and steer clear. Yes, CBD is psychoactive but it still won’t get you high.

SC says Down Boy to CBD Pet Treats

If you sell CBD illegally in South Carolina, the state’s Department of Agriculture will let you know. That’s exactly what happened again last week to retailers selling CBD in pet treats.

According to the SCDA, ingredients used in animal feed have to pass FDA review. Since CBD hasn’t, pet treats with CBD as an ingredient are technically not allowed. Bad news for CBD retailers across the state.

If you are a retailer in South Carolina we suggest you contact SCDA to see what to do about existing inventory, before they contact you about shutdowns.

January is National CBD Month!

Yes, you read that right. January 2020 is National CBD Month. That’s, like, right now!

The brainchild of cbdMD, National CBD Month was designed to get people talking about CBD and more importantly starting to use CBD products. Complete with their own hashtag #NationalCBDMonth. We did declare 2020 to be the Year of CBD, so if cbdMD wants to give CBD the month of January, we’re not standing in the way.

We wish someone had let us know sooner, we missed out on a week of solid celebrating. We’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, as January is a pretty busy month. It’s also National Blood Donor, Braile Literacy, Hobby, Hot Tea, Slow Cooking, and Soup Month. Mmmmm, soup.

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