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CBD Skincare’s BIG Future, HR’s Worst Nightmare – CBM Daily Digest – 1/23/20

CBD Skincare To Hit $3.5B By 2026

We’ve been saying it for a while, CBD skincare is going to be big. How big? How does $3.5B annually by 2026 sound? According to Allied Market Research, those numbers are more than achievable for the CBD-fueled skincare segment.

What’s fueling this nearly 25% annual growth rate? It seems somewhat inconclusive, but it was clear that both department store adoption of CBD based skincare products (read Nordstrom and Sephora) as well as direct to consumer online sales are expected to drive the lion’s share of CBD based skincare products.

While it may be confusing that both big retail and direct to consumer online sales are driving CBD product sales, that’s exactly the case. And since both are driving total sales up, consumers will remain the big winners.

CBD Causing Headaches For HR Managers

Chances are if you are an HR manager, CBD is nothing but a big headache. Too bad, because your employees are probably taking CBD by the handful.

Turns out all those new CBD laws are running HR managers a bit crazy trying to keep up with it all. With laws ranging from state to state and in some cases city to city, it’s difficult to stay up with just what’s allowed and what isn’t. Suffice it to say, it’s now clear that CBD users can and potentially will fail their drug tests.

So when they ask, you have to tell them about the risks. Some jobs have strict Zero THC policies, regardless of local laws. Best to advise your customers that CBD use could show up on their next employee screening.

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