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HillTop Meds Stakes Claim as Quality Leader in Hemp-CBD Marketplace With Dirt to Dose Certification Pledge


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updated: Aug 1, 2019

In 2017, there were an estimated 28,000 cannabis businesses in the U.S. So, it comes as little surprise that in an industry that seems to epitomize the word, “booming”, quality has fast become the key differentiator. HillTop Meds – one of the new players in the hemp-derived CBD products arena – is taking those numbers in stride. In fact, they say they’ve already begun differentiating itself from much of the competition and are reaping the benefits of their uncommon expertise.

Based in Texas, HillTop Meds is a hemp-CBD company founded by experts from the health and beauty industry with more than 100 years of combined experience, as well as experience specific to CBD studies and science. It offers a scope of products that are U.S. hemp-CBD infused with ingredient blends that help reduce discomfort and anxiety and positively affect sleep, joint health and mobility, and general wellness and offers consultation and education to doctors considering CBD for their patients, including those battling opioid addiction. Its sprays, tinctures, topicals and capsules – often doctor-recommended – are offered in its online store and in select doctors’ offices and range in price from $19.99 to $109.99.

According to co-founder Trent Moody, its Dirt to DoseTM Certificate of Analysis Program is how customers can tell they are doing business with an organization with an uncommon commitment to quality and the highest standards of purity and effectiveness. “Dirt to DoseTM ensures quality starts with the hemp seed and continues all the way to the final product’s purity. HillTop uses non-toxic extraction methods, FDA- and OTC-certified manufacturing facilities and third-party testing.

“All HillTop Meds products are Dirt to Dose(TM) certified, meaning we produce the purest and most natural CBD you can purchase. Our products are produced in FDA-certified facilities and go through a non-toxic extraction process. Once you buy a HillTop Meds CBD product, you can enter your bottles certified lot number on our website to see exactly where it came from,” explained Moody. “When combined with our decades of experience and research, we feel confident that we are helping our customers toward a better, more pleasant life.”

Clients who have used HillTop Meds products for discomfort, stress and balance seem to agree and have provided testimonials and five-star reviews on the company’s website.

Ben, who was having trouble with stress, said: “School was starting to get to be a lot to handle – between homework, finals, work, and having to get to class. My anxiety was through the roof. I was told that HillTop might be able to help suppress some of the feelings I was having and it did! I’m able to do all of my school work, have a job, and I’m able to do it with less anxiousness and more focus.”

And Jen, a working mom, stated: “Work keeps me extremely busy. I barely have time to sit down while I’m balancing work, but also personal life – my husband, the kids, the dog, etc., so I’m all about simplicity. The capsules allow me to take my CBD and I can easily store them in my purse as I run between all things work and personal.”

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