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RA’ Flower Brands Ushers in a New Age of Whole Flower Cannabis Consumption

Innovative company develops the world’s first multi-use, whole flower THC and CBD product lines,

Innovative company develops the world’s first multi-use, whole flower THC and CBD product lines

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updated: Aug 7, 2019

RA’ Flower Brands, a licensed Cannabis Manufacturer in California, recently launched their innovative, multi-use line of cannabis products that are the first of their kind. RA’ Flower is paving the way for whole flower, solvent-free cannabis products created for medical and recreational consumers alike. The company’s patent-pending micro-dehydration process is solvent-free and allows the activation of cannabis in its natural plant form, giving consumers the opportunity to experience the benefits of cannabis flower with or without smoking. This non-extracted process preserves the natural healing properties of each strain-specific product, giving the user a unique experience based on the entire terpene and cannabinoid profile.

RA’ Flower makes it possible for consumers to enjoy whole flower, vegan and diabetic friendly cannabis products, with a multi-use option, Swallow, Sprinkle, or Smoke – one product offering three different delivery methods. The unique capsules provide the option to swallow in traditional capsule form, open and sprinkle onto favorite foods, or smoke the active ingredient in a traditional bowl or blunt. The capsule acts as merely a vessel for transportation and precise dosing and provides a simple way to consume cannabis discreetly. RA’ Flower’s THC and CBD capsules are also strain-specific, offering Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cultivars, available in various dosages. These options give experienced and novice consumers alike the ability to develop a personalized cannabis experience that best suits their needs.

Most people are unaware that 95% of ingestible products on shelves today are made from less desirable parts of the cannabis plant called trim, not the actual flower. Trim contains only about 10% of the desired medicinal constituents of the cannabis plant. “Quality is key for us in all we do,” explains Alan Hoskins, RA’ Flower Founder, saying they begin by sourcing only the highest quality ingredients. “We use whole cannabis flower – not mere trim -because it contains the greatest concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, phytonutrients, and fatty acid lipids within the plant.” These chemicals, in their natural form, are critical to producing the synergistic ‘entourage effect,’ providing consumers with the best possible experience.

Hoskins and his team believe the very nature of the cannabis industry embodies the ideals of natural, unprocessed and raw. “We are cannabis connoisseurs who want nothing more than the purest, most effective, all-natural products that support healing and wellness,” he says. “We developed RA’ Flower products to allow you to experience all of the wellness benefits of cannabis flower. We handcraft our superior quality THC and CBD products in small batches, utilizing only premium, sun-grown cannabis flower, sourced from the Emerald Triangle. We work in partnership with Giving Tree Farms, a leading organic cannabis grower. With our process and their knowledge of the plant, we are able to produce the most powerful, effective, medical-grade cannabis products in the market today.”

RA’ Flower’s innovative products are a game-changer for the industry and will undoubtedly transform the way medical patients and recreational customers consume premium quality cannabis. Savvy consumers increasingly seek healthier alternatives in products they use, both to cut down on exposure to chemical substances and to obtain the purest, most unadulterated experience possible. RA’ Flower looks forward to meeting the needs of this growing market, offering efficacious products for the health-conscious user, along with highly balanced, feel-good experiences for the casual consumer.

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