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CBD and Nano: New Answers for a World of Hurt

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Interview with Superior Nano’s Eric D. Morrison

CBD and Nano: New Answers for a World of Hurt

The discovery of pain-relieving plants was a revolutionary boon to early humanity, whose lives were frequently blighted by injury and disease. Today, with more than a fifth of the U.S. population reporting chronic pain, there’s an even bigger demand for pain drugs (comprising steroids, opioids, NSAIDS and, lately, CBD) to treat this world of hurt.

Dr. Eric D. Morrison

Entering the familiar arsenal of pills, potions and lotions are new forms of medicine delivery through biotech. One such company, Superior Nano*, is working to bring the benefits of nanoparticle-based delivery to your medicine cabinet. “So far, nanotechnology has been limited to very high-end medicine – for example, chemotherapy – because it was so expensive to produce,” observed Eric D. Morrison PhD, Chief Scientist of Superior Nano. “Superior Nano will change that.”

Morrison refers to Msorb, a patent-pending nanoparticle delivery technology he’s developed to increase safer, more effective delivery of topical pain medication. Rather than harsh solvents like Transcutol or DMSO that disrupt the skin barrier in order to work, Msorb nanoparticles are formulated to a tininess that is directly absorbed into the skin’s lipid channels. “Our nanoparticles have oils in them. They do not have solvents. It’s a big difference. You get all of the benefits and none of the destruction of the skin.”

Superior Nano’s CEO Brian Garhofer agrees, adding, “Our goal is to bring this cutting-edge technology to the marketplace by partnering with consumer products companies and larger retailers.” He and Morrison formed the company in 2018 when “we realized we had two businesses that would go great together.” It was to demonstrate Msorb’s efficacy that the partners chose to manufacture topical CBD products because “CBD is safe and has no side effects,” said Morrison. Unlike cannabis, CBD is (or as close as) free of the psychoactive chemical THC. “As a botanical ingredient, CBD has been around for millennia. Human beings and other animals have become quite adapted to cannabinoids, unlike with newer drugs that may reduce pain but affect other parts of the body’s working.” 

For retailers and others, it’s important to hear this from a chemist, because understanding CBD is like a battle that has to be fought again and again. Today’s market for CBD-producing hemp, which was perhaps one of the first botanicals to be recognized for pain relief, is often conflated with cannabis, which contains THC and, until recently, was illegal throughout the U.S.

Currently, Superior Nano ensures the purity of its product by using CBD isolate, the process of which excludes contaminants like THC and pesticides. “We currently use CBD isolate because it is guaranteed pure,” Said Morrison. We have a full spectrum, THC-free product in development, which we will only introduce when we are sure that our hemp raw material is pure – including free from pesticides and THC.”

Customers who choose Superior Nano topicals have or work with some form of physical discomfort. Morrison speculated that “they are either younger people who spend a lot of time in the gym, or they have physical jobs, like construction or factory work.” Or, he joked, “People like me. I’m 61. Most people in the 40s start to have aches and pains in their joints.”

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