Interview: Data-Driven Marketing as Key to Getting CBD in Front of Eyes of Customers

While it may be really difficult to promote CBD and hemp through social media, one Boulder, Colorado-based company has figured it out, and it all comes down to data.

Data-driven marketing is becoming the new way of advertising, where the old principles of finding your audience still exist, but innovations in technology have allowed companies to focus in on their ideal client with laser-focus.

Meet Blake Mahon and Gunner Wilkinson from Triarc Digital Marketing.

“If you’re doing marketing, you need to do it with data,” says Mahon, who founded Triarc five years ago.

The New Era of Advertising

Marketing and advertising have changed drastically over the decades, where print media once reigned, now the audience can be reached by the supercomputer they can now hold in the palm of their hands. Data-driven marketing both allows companies to retrieve customer information and insights that can be captured at every stage in the buying process, while also reaching them through those same channels where they’re providing us insights into what they want.

Data-driven marketing goes beyond what we know customers want, it’s a matter of using the right tools to find the exact data that will target your message to the specific demographics of who would want your product.

“We don’t believe in the traditional marketing model anymore,” says Mahon, “We want to change the way businesses market themselves. We’re not selling a product through our services, we’re selling a solution.”

Triarc recognizes for the CBD space that compliance is number one in advertising, and abide by the advertising requirements of the platforms they support and the states they work within. While other marketing companies generally try to stay away from marketing CBD products on social media, this is an area in which Triarc has been thriving since its existence.

“We don’t engage in marketing practices that will put any agency, including our own, at risk,” says Mahon. “We can help them find like-markets to advertise to by using the data that social media tells us about what people want,” adds Wilkinson. This strategy involves mining social media data, as well as other data feeds that show purchasing trends, to find the keywords, target phrases, lifestyle choices, and most importantly demographics of the people who would be most likely to purchase their clients’ CBD products.

Using Data-Driven Marketing for Retailers

So, now that Triarc has introduced us to the concept of data-driven marketing, what are some strategies that retailers can undertake in their efforts to market their CBD products? Here are a few ideas:

Personalize Campaigns

As we mentioned, you already know what your customer likes through data-driven marketing, so why not use it? Segment your marketing campaigns to the demographics and interests you’ve identified to ensure you’re reaching all your niche markets.

Use Multiple Marketing Channels

Marketing CBD through social media is difficult, we won’t deny that, but that’s not to say it can’t be done. Partner with a digital media firm like Triarc that uses data-driven analytics to create marketing campaigns that span across all channels – web, social media, print, and other digital media.

Engage with Your Audience

It’s one thing to share content, it’s another to engage with your audience. Engagement is as important, actually more important, that content sharing. It allows your audience to see that there is a “real person” behind your retail store, who will provide the same experience in-store as they do online.

Solicit Customer Feedback

The most successful companies solicit and act on customer feedback as part of their continuous improvement strategy. Use mechanisms in your marketing that allow your audience to ‘talk back’ providing you more valuable data that will inform your marketing strategy.

Up Your CBD Marketing Game with Data

So, what are you waiting for? CBD marketing and advertising are both a science and an art, that retailers have the opportunity to model the way for. Connect with a data-driven marketing company like Triarc to really step up your CBD marketing strategy and watch the CBD products you carry fly off the shelves.

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