7 Ways to Showcase CBD Products Through Merchandising and Display

Merchandising and display is an art and science when it comes to putting the CBD products in your store on your shelves, requiring the retailer to balance both an understanding of strong aesthetic and consumer behaviors based on what you know about your potential customer.

The manufacturer of the products has already done the job of making the product an appealing one, but it’s your job as a retailer and merchandiser to entice customers to purchase the CBD products you have for sale.

The CBD Business Media staff has put together some helpful tips for merchandisers who are looking for creative and innovative ways to display their CBD products

Use a Consistent Style

The way you choose to have your permanent displays in your store should be consistent, allowing the consumer to align the display with the experience of buying CBD and the brands represented.

Use Tiered/Level Displays

Use different heights of shelving, tables, and displays that will have your products sitting at varying levels, to avoid certain products fading into oblivion. Don’t put things on a large table that will have consumers having to reach to see a product.

Ensure Flow

Stand back at your displays and see whether the way products are placed is balanced across the area and-arrange where necessary to ensure there’s flow. There’s nothing worse than a bunch of clutter next to unused space!

Create Clearly Defined Areas

Create clearly defined areas within your store where consumers are sure to find CBD and various CBD products to chose from. Be intentional about where you place your CBD products, as you want them to fit in logically with other products that are displayed in the vicinity.

Use Color Intentionally

Color is something that can engage emotion and entice someone towards a specific action. Color association is a powerful tool for consumers; use color at particular times of year to spur action, such as using yellow for Cancer Awareness and Pink for Breast Cancer awareness months. Everyone always enjoys a little festive, colorful display around the holidays as well!

Breathe New Life into Old Items

Retail stores both in and outside the CBD space are finding interesting ways to place their products in the view of their customers by breathing new life into old furniture and items. From using an antique vanity to display beauty products, to upcycling logs to create displays for CBD products, repurpose old items to make them new again!

Engage the Senses

Engage all the senses in your display so that consumers can really have a good look at the product before they buy it. Place products at waist level so they can be picked up, touched, smelled, and looked up at close when deciding to make a purchase. Have sample products where possible so that people can try before they buy, especially for topicals or beauty products.

Embrace the Power of First Impressions

The way you display your store’s merchandise can either make or break a sale. CBD is a special item that should be displayed with intention and in a way that engages and entices the customer to find out more about this popular product.  

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